Thursday, October 25, 2012

How much can I embarrass Carter?!?!

I hope Carter sees this page sometime, preferably after he's 12-16 . . . oh the embarrassment! Hahahaha!

Landon's 7th Birthday Party

Landon had a great 7th birthday party!! He said it's been the best birthday so far! He had about 15 kids over for the party (yikes, ALL who were invited showed up!!) . . . . it was absolute chaos, but it was fun! He scored lots of gifts (thanks to all!) and really had a blast. The kids played soccer, did a pin the belt on Batman, and ping pong ball toss. It was a fun fun party!

Steamboat Springs Trip!

Steve and I had a GREAT time in Steamboat Springs, CO at the end of August. It was our first trip alone in 8 years, since our honeymoon!! We had such a great time, just hanging out, going out to eat, hiking, shopping and what ever the heck we wanted to!!! It was fantastic!! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Little Laundry Helper!

This is Carter's way of helping out with the laundry! Thanks, Carter!

Cleaning Out the Fridge

I was cleaning out the fridge one day . . . and Carter was really excited about his new seat. He honestly sat there forever, unloading and reloading the condiments on the bottom shelves. He was mad when I made him move so I could close the door! Halle had to join in, too, once she realized how "cool" it was . . . literally!

We are such proud parents!

What can I say? Our kids are sick! May as well take some funny pictures of them being sick, though!!! Silly goobers!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


So, I pretty much feel like a loser for not having posted ANYTHING to my blog for like 7 months, so here a just a few pictures from the past year that I have loved :).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Halle!!

We had a fun "princess party" for Halle, princess at her request :) She of course had fun opening her presents and the cake. It was a fun party for our big 3 year old!!

Goofy Boys!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beach!!!

The kids LOVED the beach!! I really wish it would have been warmer. The first couple days we were in town, the nice days of the week, we weren't able to make it. They still had a blast running from the waves, though! I, of course, was thrilled to be there, too, as I have always loved the ocean very much. Loved it!

We love California!!!

We had a blast in California a few weeks ago! We particularly enjoyed the beach and Disneyland!! Here are just a few pictures to share.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carter was just having some fun with his favorite big brother! Isn't Landon so nice to help him jump in his Johnny Jump-Up?!?!?! Carter thought it was tons of fun! So glad they have each other to make each other laugh!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Three Babies!

Man, I love these kids! I just thought these pictures were cute. Beth, don't go judging me based on my crappy editing, either ;). Someday I will be good like you! Beautiful kids!

Best Friends . . . Sometimes

Malie and Halle sometimes aren't the best of friends, but this day, they were! What sweet little girls they can be, especially when in the bathroom getting all pretty!

Prettiest Princess Landon

Landon is all sorts of dolled up in this picture!!! He was playing in Halle's room with her and came out like this. A picture was a must! I also told him to give me a pretty girl smile, hence the head side-tilt and the hands up by his face!